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Inter Preschool Drawing Competition


  • Preschool will have to register their preschool on

  • Every preschool will get a flyer which can be shared with parents for registration

  • Parents will have to signup on Krafitto app for their child's entry in the competition

  • There is no entry fee for this competition and schools can't charge any entry fee from parents


  • All students will be divided into 2 groups

    • Group 1 - Playgroup and Nursery 2 years to 4 years (only colouring)

    • Group 2 - Junior KG and Senior KG 4years and above (drawing and colouring)

  • The competition will be held between 29th November to 5th December 2022

  • The student registrations will be closed on 25th November 11:59 PM

  • Two days prior to the competition the printed drawing sheets will be delivered to preschool

  • Preschool can conduct the competition in their premises or they can give the sheets to student to be completed at home

  • Preschool and parents need to put photos of completed drawing sheets on circles (a section on Krafitto app)


  • One winner from every preschool to be selected by respective preschools in both the groups

  • Sheets of every winner will go to next round where Krafitto judges will choose one winner in every group


  • Winners will be presented a trophy at Happy Street event on 11th December 2022

  • Intra preschool winners will get a medal to be presented by their preschool

  • All participants will get a participation certificate


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