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Krafitto Books Aligning with NCF 2022

The framework of Krafitto books and app revolves around National Curriculum Framework 2022 and follows the Panchakosha Vikas (five fold development) learning approach for kids in the age group of 3 years to 5 years. In accordance with NCF Krafitto ecosystem aims towards attending specific curricular goal for children in all 4 classes.

1. Physical Development - Kleinetics Fitness Program where Parents and Teachers work with Kids for their HAPPY, HEALTHY and FIT Body.

2. Socio & Emotional Development - Krafitto Ecosystem assisting Teachers for enhanced classroom/ Circle time activities helping kids to develop social bonding, expressive behaviour and emotional intelligence.

3. Cognitive Development - Krafitto Activity sheets come with ample brain storming and logical thinking activities to boost child's logical, observation, reasoning and quantitative skills.

4. Language & Literacy Development - Moulding kids in a structured pattern with proper exposure to develop listening, recognising and reading skill.

5. Aesthetic & Cultural Development - Krafitto Joybox! helps in aesthetic and cultural development of kids by indulging them in art based "LEARNING BY DOING" activities.

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