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Krafitto Ecosystem

Krafitto Ecosystem has been build around students, parents and teachers where these 3 stake holders come together and act as a propeller for a smooth functioning of ecosystem. This ecosystem is a combinations

  • High quality illustrative printed text books

  • Krafitto App for parents

  • Teacher Assistance program

  • GetLitt! Reading Program

  • Kleinetics Fitness Diary

Kraffitto eco-system helps schools as well as parents to ensure experiential learning and implementation of concepts and hence the books are bundled with Krafitto App. Krafitto App helps parents to understand the delivery of the content i-e how the topic is to be taught to a child and what learning outcomes are expected when the child completes a particular topic. Krafitto App helps parents to engage kids in after school learning through physical assignments enhancing motor sensor skills that cover the aspects of the curriculum.

Krafitto Books

Krafitto Books have been designed keeping in mind NEP 2020 giving emphasis on practical implementation. The content in Krafitto Books is blend of years of experience and research of educationalist, academicians and early childhood experts. With prime focus on literacy skills, numeracy skills, concept development and general awareness below are salient features of Krafitto Books

  • Customised cover as per your requirement

  • Set of 7 colour coded books

  • Month wise books covering all subjects, activities, rhymes & stories and festivals for that month

  • Ample number of activities pages and practice pages covered.

  • 100 gsm paper ensuring zero back page impression

  • Perfect pinning, binding and lamination with flash cut for long durability

Krafitto App

Offer seamless experience to parents on krafitto app enabling them to keep a track of day to day activities of child in school.

  • 100 % in sync with printed textbooks

  • Scanner to quickly scan an activity sheet to save time in finding the perfect one

  • Build to ensure parent child engagement through assignment modules on every topic

  • Messaging, notice board, fee, online class, planner & Social connect

  • Circles a dedicated section in the app on parenting

  • Available on android/ iOS (mobile/ tablet) & web

Teacher Assistance to achieve - Curricular Goals, Competencies And Learning Outcomes

At Kraf we too believe "Care and responsiveness with ample opportunities to experience, experiment and explore are the hallmark of pedagogy at this Stage". To achieve this, Krafitto ecosystem works extensively on teacher assistance program ensuring teachers achieve 'Curricular Goals', 'Competencies' and 'Learning Outcomes' for every child in their classroom.

On Krafitto App every topic is divided into 

  1. Introduction

    1. Knowledge transfer for parents

    2. Expected learning outcomes

  2. Assignment

    1.  Intuitive and collaborative activities for kids

    2. Get insights from teachers on submissions

  3. Teacher reference

    1. Curricular goals on topic level

    2. Skill acquired or competences achieved

    3. Learning outcomes to be achieved

    4. Knowledge transfer plan to students

    5. Classroom activities

    6. Circle time interaction 


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