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KIE Colouring Event 2024 - Results

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the schools that participated in the National Coloring Competition hosted by us. Your enthusiastic participation and dedication to encouraging creativity among students have made this event a resounding success. We truly appreciate the effort, passion, and support shown by all participants. Your involvement not only fosters a love for the arts but also strengthens the sense of community within our educational network. Thank you for your invaluable contribution, and we eagerly anticipate future collaborations and endeavors together. 


Congratulations to the talented winners of the National Coloring Competition! Your remarkable creativity, skill, and imagination have shone brightly, capturing the essence of the competition's theme with brilliance and flair. Your vibrant artwork not only showcases your individual talents but also inspires others with its beauty and originality. We commend you for your dedication, passion, and hard work throughout the competition. Your success serves as a testament to your artistic abilities and highlights the boundless possibilities of creativity. We applaud your outstanding achievements and look forward to witnessing your continued growth and success in the world of art. Well done! 

Congratulations Winners!!!

3rd Round - National Winners:

1. Pranshu Pravin Bari (Playgroup) - Blissville International Preschool (Pune)
2. Punyaadvika (Nursery) - Basics Academy (Bangalore)
3. Devansh K. (Jr. KG) - Rapo Kids Preschool (Pune)
4. Nitya Ukey (Sr. KG) - The Rising Star Preschool (Nagpur)

Please Note: Schools and Parents are informed that all the certificates and winner materials has been dispatched and the parents will receive the amount in online mode within 4 to 5 days. Congratulations to all the winners. 

2nd Round Winners:

Pune - 
1. Pranshu Pravin Bari (Blissville International Preschool) - Playgroup
2. Shreeya Jadhav (Foxes Learning Center) - Nursery
3. Devansh K. (Rapo Kids Preschool) - Jr. KG
4. Madhura Yerunkar (Periwinkle Kids Preschool) - Sr. KG


Bangalore - 
1. Mohammad Nadir (Simha Kids Den) - Playgroup
2. Punyaadvika (Basics Academy) - Nursery
3. Govind (Simha Kids Den) - Jr. KG
4. Aisiri (Basics Academy) - Sr. KG


Hosur - 
1. M. Raag Dodiya (Alphabetz International Preschool) - Nursery
2. S. RenithAaron (Alphabetz International Preschool) - Jr. KG


Namakkal - 
1. Adhiyan Ranjithkumar (Alphabetz International Preschool) - Playgroup
2. Diya Rajesh (Alphabetz International Preschool) - Nursery
3. Poorna Ganapathi (Alphabetz International Preschool) - Jr. KG


Hyderabad -
1. Nihansh SriSai (Abhyas Preschool) - Playgroup
2. Snithika Rajvi Kathi (Abhyas Preschool) - Nursery
3. Jacob Eliza (Abhyas Preschool) - Jr. KG


Mumbai -
1. Shreeyansh Deepak (Junior Champs) - Playgroup
2. Nitara Tejas (Junior Champs) - Nursery
3. Sidhika Yadav (Junior Champs) - Jr. KG


Nagpur - 
1. Arushi Shrivas (The Rising Star Preschool) - Nursery
2. Vansh Khobragade (The Rising Star Preschool) - Jr. KG
3. Nitya Ukey (The Rising Star Preschool) - Sr. KG

Please Note: Schools and Parents are informed that all the certificates and winner materials will be delivered by the end of March 2024.

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