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Krafitto Inter Preschool Events - Student Registraiton

KIE - an inter preschool event forum where you can offer ample number of opportunities to your child in peer to peer events. KIE on regular basis conduct events specially for preschoolers through out the year focusing on 3 aspects mind body and social impact. Some of the events covered under KIE are

  • Colouring competition

  • Physical well being

  • Concept building activities

All KIE events are majorly conducted with our partnered preschools in their premises which helps parents and kids to adjust easily with surrounding easy execution of the event. Every child participating in the gets participation certificate and winners get rewards in form of kind and cash.


Other than events KIE also offers various activities for schools such as out door visit at an affordable cost which inturn is passed on to parents and saves a lot for them.


Below is the list of our upcoming event 

No upcoming events at the moment
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